Festschrift for Dan Cohen
Edited by Simon Levin & Yoh Iwasa

Dan Cohen — An inquiring mind.
Simon Levin & Yoh Iwasa — 2000(4) (sLevin@eno.princeton.edu)

Scientific bibliography, acknowledgements and thanks.
Dan Cohen — 2000(4)

Towards a theory of mutual mate choice: lessons from two-sided matching.
Carl T. Bergstrom & Les Real — 2000(4) (LReal@biology.emory.edu)
Keywords: assortative mating, coalitions, game theory, group formation, mating systems, sexual selection

Winter survival strategies for small birds: managing energy supply and expenditure.
Colin Clark & R. Dukas — 2000(4) (biec@interchange.ubc.ca)
Keywords: dynamic optimization, energy management, fattening strategies, hypothermia, willow tits, winter survival

Dormancy strategies in a random environment: comparing structured and unstructured models.
Michael R. Easterling & Stephen P. Ellner — 2000(4) (easterling.michael@epa.gov)
Keywords: copepod, dormancy strategies, evolutionarily stable strategy, moment closure, structured population model

On Fisher-Zahavi's handicapped sexy son.
Ilan Eshel, Ina Volovik & Emilia Sansone — 2000(4) (illan@math.tau.ac.il)
Keywords: Handicap Principle, long-term evolution, runaway process, sexual selection, ‘sexy son’ argument

Dynamic optimization of plant growth.
Yoh Iwasa — 2000(4) (yiwasscb@mbox.nc.kyushu-u.ac.jp)
Keywords: defence against herbivory, dynamic programming, growth schedule, life-history strategy, phenology, Pontryagin's maximum principle, shoot—root balance, stochastic environment

The evolution of dispersal and seed size in plant communities.
Simon Levin & H. Muller-Landau — 2000(4) (sLevin@eno.princeton.edu)
Keywords: adaptive dynamics, evolutionarily stable strategy, seed dispersal, seed size

Irreducible certainties, sustainable fisheries and marine reserves.
Marc S. Mangel — 2000(4) (msmangel@cats.ucsc.edu)
Keywords: environmental uncertainty, marine reserves, mean—variance trade-off, open systems

On the product mean fitness and population growth in sexual and asexual populations.
H. Manos, U. Liberman & Marcus W. Feldman — 2000(4) (marc@charles.stanford.edu)
Keywords: failure of optimality, global stability, multiple equilibria, population size, random environments

A classification of dynamic optimization problems in fluctuating environments.
John McNamara — 2000(4) (john.mcnamara@bristol.ac.uk)
Keywords: allocation, dynamic programming, geometric mean fitness, growth, state dependence