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Common monkeyflower (Mimulus guttatus)
Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area
Circle X Ranch: Canyon View Trail
California; riparian woodland; March 2004
source: National Park Service, U. S. Dept. of the Interior
This species’ genome, entirely decoded in 2007.

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Volume 19(4) — 2018
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Volume 19(4), July 2018

Front loading life-histories: the enduring influence of juvenile growth on age, size, and reproduction of primiparous female freshwater turtles.
Justin D. Congdon, Roy D. Nagle & Owen M. Kinney — 2018(4) (
Keywords: age and size at maturity, freshwater turtles, juvenile growth rates, reproductive traits of primiparous females

Differences and similarities of sex ratios between dioecious angiosperms and dioicous bryophytes.
Tom J. de Jong, Heinjo J. During & Avi Shmida — 2018(4) (
Keywords: cytoplasmic DNA, dioecy, gene drive, genomic conflict, sex allocation theory.

Testing for a whole-organism trade-off between natural and sexual selection; are the male guppies preferred by females more likely to be eaten by predators?
José Jonathas P. R. de Lira, Felipe Peréz-Jvostov, Kiyoko M. Gotanda, Sian Kou-Giesbrecht, Sarah K Pease, Marlee Jackson, Shaffiq Jersch & Andrew P. Hendry — 2018(4) (
Keywords: mate choice, performance, Poecilia reticulata, predation.

Predator loss leads to reduced antipredator behaviours in Bahamas mosquitofish.
Alison E. Fowler, Doua J. Lor, Christine E. Farrell, McKenzie A. Bauman, M. Nils Peterson & R. Brian Langerhans — 2018(4) (
Keywords: ecological opportunity, environmental change, innate behaviour, predator avoidance, predator release, relaxed selection.

Communities and diversities of Bacteria and Archaea in Arctic seawater.
Jia-Pei Liu, Ying-Ping Fan, Xue-Zhu Liu & Jian-Xin Wang — 2018(4) (
Keywords: Archaea, Arctic Sea, bacteria, biotic community, function, Svalbard Archipelago.

A spatial game between a predator and social prey in multiple patches.
William A. Mitchell — 2018(4) ( predator–prey behavioural games at two spatial scales, predation risk, foraging opportunity, optimal foraging of both species, predicted influences of food abundance.

Evolutionary ecology of plant resistance traits across the herbivore diet spectrum: A test in the model plant, Mimulus guttatus.
Michael C. Rotter, John J. Couture, Elizabeth M. Rothwell, Jocelyn Garcia & Liza M. Holeski — 2018(4) (
Keywords: diet breadth, herbivores, Mimulus guttatus, phenylpropanoid glycosides, phytochemical coevolution theory, plant resistance traits.

Influence of prey food abundance on predator-prey foraging games: a test with little egrets and goldfish.
Sundararaj Vijayan, William A Mitchell, Michael L Rosenzweig, Burt P Kotler, Jesse Balaban-Feld, Lotan Tamar Tovelem & Zvika Abramsky — 2018(4) (
Keywords: food abundance, goldfish, intraspecific competition, little egret, optimal foraging, predator–prey behavioural games.