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Bactrocera dorsalis
oriental fruit fly ovipositing in papaya
photograph by Scott Bauer
United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service

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Volume 18 (2017)
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Volume 18, July 2017

Sibling diversity gives sexual reproduction the advantage in a changing environment.
Makoto Douge & Yoh Iwasa — 2017(4) ( heterogeneous environment, sib-competition, two-fold cost of sex.

Ambient temperature and host specialization driving mitochondrial genome evolution in fruit flies of the genus Bactrocera (Diptera: Tephritidae).
Hichem Ben Slimen, A. Awadi & M. Makni — 2017(4) ( Bactrocera, environmental adaptation, host specialization, mtDNA, positive selection.

Water flows shape lateral line morphology in an arid zone freshwater fish.
Jennifer L. Kelley, Pauline F. Grierson, Peter M. Davies & Shaun P. Collin — 2017(4) ( climate change, contemporary evolution, phenotypic plasticity, sensory adaptation.

Pollinator isolation in Louisiana iris: legitimacy and pollen transfer.
Joshua P. Shaw, Sunni J. Taylor, Mary C. Dobson & Noland H. Martin — 2017(4) ( bumblebee pollination, hummingbird pollination, hybridization, mechanical isolation, pollen transfer, pollinator isolation, pre-zygotic isolation, reproductive isolation.

Light limitation reduces tolerance to leaf damage in Datura stramonium.
Alejandro Cisneros-Silva, Guillermo Castillo, Mariana Chávez-Pesqueira, Rafael Bello-Bedoy, Iván D. Camargo & Juan Núñez-Farfán — 2017(4) ( index of tolerance, leaf damage, light limitation, Solanaceae, tolerance mechanisms.

Jacks and Jills: Alternative life history phenotypes and skewed sex ratio in anadromous threespine stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus).
Jennifer L. Rollins, Paul Chiang, Jason N. Waite, Frank A. von Hippel & Michael A. Bell — 2017(4) ( alternative life-history strategies, body size, frequency-dependent selection, otolith, prey abundance.

Body streamlining is related to higher growth rates in Bahamian mosquitofish.
M. S. Araújo, C. A. Layman & R. B. Langerhans — 2017(4) ( ecomorphology, geometric morphometrics, livebearing fishes, Poeciliidae, RNA : DNA ratios.

The evolution of host defence when parasites impact reproduction.
Alex Best, Andy White, &Amp; Mike Boots — 2017(4) ( adaptive dynamics, evolution, host–parasite, sterility.