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Volume 20 (5) — 2019
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Volume 20(5) – September 2019

An experimental test of Hamiltonian habitat selection.
Kerman Bajina, Douglas W. Morris & Per Lundberg — 2019(5) (
Keywords: density-dependence, ESS, Folsomia candida, ideal free distribution, inclusive fitness, spatial dynamics

Contemporary phenotypic divergence of an introduced predatory freshwater fish (Northern pike, Esox lucius).
Katja I. Berghaus, Joseph R. Spencer, Peter A. H. Westley — 2019(5) (
Keywords: morphometrics, northern pike, invasion, haldane, phenotypic divergence, shape variation

Fluctuating age distributions and sex ratio tracking in a protandrous shrimp.
Eric L. Charnov & Scott D. Groth — 2019(5) (
Keywords: ESS, long­term data sets, Pandalid shrimp, recruitment variation, sex‐change

Evolutionary ecology of hares (Lepus spp.) from northwestern Africa; The problem of cryptic species and the description of a new species (Lepus saharae sp. nov.).
Carmen Soria-Boix, Maria P. Donat-Torres, Hamid Rguibi Idrissi & Vicente Urios — 2019(5) (
Keywords: Africa, DNA, holotype, Lepus mediterraneus, Lepus saharae, Lepus schlumbergeri, phylogeny

Urbanization drives phenotypic evolution in mosquitofish.
Zachary T. Wood, Caroline E. Booth, Rebecca R. Robinson, Rachel C. Van Gorden, Cowan J. Sikora, Mitchell R. Paisker, Eric P. Palkovacs & Michael T. Kinnison — 2019(5) (
Keywords: Gambusia affinis, morphology, anthropogenic impacts, behaviour, environmental change, lake ecosystem alteration, introduced species

The latitudinal distribution patterns of leaf sizes and florescences of Chinese endemic woody seed plants.
Ruoyun Yu, Hua Liu, Qian Li, Jihong Huang, Wei Ren, Yibo Liu, Yi Ding, Xinghui Lu, Yue Xu & Runguo Zang — 2019(5) (
Keywords: endemic species, plant traits, florescence, leaf size, latitude