Special Issue

Dr. Niclas Jonzén (1973 — 2015),
late Prof. of Theoretical Ecology at Lund University

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Volume 17 (2016)
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Volume 17, November 2016

On the Adaptive Evolution of Extinction
Edited by Douglas Morris & Per Lundberg

Douglas Morris & Per Lundberg — 2016(6) (douglas.morris@lakeheadu.ca)

Dedication to Dr. Niclas Jonzén — 2016(6)

Evolutionary rescue in novel environments: Towards improving predictability.
Michael Barfield & Robert D. Holt — 2016(6) (mjb01@ufl.edu)
Keywords: environmental change, extinction, heritability, individual-based model.

Competitive tragedies, habitat selection, and extinction (or not?)
Douglas W. Morris, Joshua G. Cronmiller & Erika Garcez Da Rocha — 2016(6) (douglas.morris@lakeheadu.ca)
Keywords: adaptation, extinction, foraging behaviour, habitat selection, Microtus pennsylvanicus, patch use, Tragedy of the Commons.

Evolution by natural selection to extinction.
Kalle Parvinen — 2016(6) (kalle.parvinen@utu.fi)
Keywords: adaptive dynamics, evolutionary suicide, evolution to extinction, first-principles derivation, mechanistic modelling

Replacement and displacement driven by innovations, competition and extinctions.
Jörgen Ripa & Jacob Johansson — 2016(6) (jorgen.ripa@biol.lu.se)
Keywords: adaptive radiation, competition, extinction, incumbent replacement, key innovation, macroevolution, relict species.

On the evolution of extinction rates.
Michael L. Rosenzweig — 2016(6) (scarab@u.arizona.edu)
Keywords: group selection, Coryphantha, consumption of the variance, senescence, sex, tolerance/intolerance competition, shared-preference habitat selection, Phanerozoic.

Opportunity for some, extinction for others: the fate of tetrapods in the Anthropocene.
Katherine A. Solari, Hannah K. Frank, Luke O. Frishkoff, Jeremy L. Hsu, Melissa E. Kemp, Alexis M. Mychajliw & Elizabeth A. Hadly — 2016(6) (ksolari@stanford.edu)
Keywords: climate change, evolutionary history, exploitation, generalism, genetic diversity, habitat change, invasive species, plasticity, pollution.