Geographic Variation in Behaviour
Edited by Caitlin R. Gabor, Andrea S. Aspbury & Rafael L. Rodríguez

Sailfin molly — Poecilia latipinna; photo by Caitlin Gabor

Volume 15, September 2013

Geographic variation in behaviour: an introduction.
Caitlin R. Gabor, Andrea S. Aspbury & Rafael L. Rodríguez 2013(6) (
Keywords: environmental variation, phenotypic plasticity, reproductive isolation, sexual selection, speciation

Evolutionary insights from behavioural geography: plasticity, evolution and responses to rapid environmental change.
Susan A. Foster 2013(6) (
Keywords: anthropogenic environmental change, behavioural phenotype, contemporary evolution, evolutionary mismatch, geographic variation, phenotypic plasticity

Geographic variation in male mate choice in a gynogenetic species complex: evaluating long-term data across mating contexts.
Caitlin R. Gabor, Laura Alberici da Barbiano & Andrea S. Aspbury 2013(6) (
Keywords: htmlPoecilia formosa, Poecilia latipinna, reproductive isolation, speciation, temporal variation

Geographic variation in acoustic communication: reproductive character displacement and speciation.
H. Carl Gerhardt 2013(6) (
Keywords: acoustic communication, auditory masking, cascades of speciation, geographical variation, sexual selection

Sexual selection paves the road to sexual isolation during ecological speciation.
R. Brian Langerhans & Amber M. Makowicz 2013(6) (
Keywords: adaptive radiation, mate recognition, mating behaviours, natural selection, predation, sexual selection, speciation

Climate affects geographic variation in host-plant but not mating preferences of Timema cristinae stick-insect populations.
Patrik Nosil, Rüdiger Riesch & Moritz Muschick 2013(6) (
Keywords: climate, gene flow, genomic divergence, host-plant adaptation, reinforcement, speciation, temperature

Geographic variation in sexual signals and behaviour in two species of poison frogs.
Heike Pröhl, Beatriz Willink & Susanne Hauswaldt 2013(6) (
Keywords: acoustic signals, dendrobatid frogs, genetic divergence, natural selection, Oophaga, sexual selection, visual signals

Causes of variation in genotype × environment interaction.
Rafael Lucas Rodríguez 2013(6) (
Keywords: genotype × environment interaction, maintenance of variation