Tribute to Larry Slobodkin
Edited by Michael Rosenzweig

My complete works and more.
Lawrence B. Slobodkin — 2009(3) (
Keywords: history of ecology, importance of ecology, importance of natural history, ecological education, graduate student independence, research collaboration, interdisciplinary work, population dynamics, ecological energetics, ecological efficiency, limits to population size, species diversity, ecological theory, evolutionary games, evolutionary persistence, value of laboratory experiments in ecology, hydra, coelenterates, Daphnia, cladocerans, scientific dogma

The morphology, flight, and flocking behaviour of migrating raptors.
Robert W. Black & Alyssa Borowske — 2009(3) (
Keywords: autumn migration, flight style, flocking behaviour, morphology, raptor

Hydra as a model organism to teach biology in secondary schools.
Patricia E. Bossert — 2009(3) (
Keywords: gene expression, hydra model, phototaxis, regeneration, teaching secondary school inquiry-based biology

Peaks, plateaus, canyons, and craters: the complex geometry of simple mid-domain effect models.
Robert K. Colwell, Nicholas J. Gotelli, Carsten Rahbek, Gary L. Entsminger, Catherine Farrell & Gary R. Graves — 2009(3) (
Keywords: biogeography, boundary effects, doughnut, geographical range, geometric constraints, null models, spatial scale, species richness gradients, stochastic models

Terrestrial limitation of Amazon River productivity: why the Amazon River is not green.
Phillip Dustan — 2009(3) (
Keywords: Amazon, black water, chlorophyll, continental scale ecology, HSS, humic acids, limiting factors, productivity, tannins

Cellular responses in the coral Stylophora pistillata exposed to eutrophication from fish mariculture.
Esti Kramarsky-Winter, C. A. Downs, A. Downs & Yossi Loya — 2009(3) (
Keywords: biomarkers, cellular diagnostics, coral, fish-farm, Gulf of Aqaba (Eilat)

Simplicity from complexity: emergence of cohesion in the evolutionary dynamics of grammar networks.
Yoosook Lee, Travis C. Collier, Charles E. Taylor, & Reza Olfati-Saber — 2009(3) (
Keywords: evolutionary dynamics, grammar networks, language evolution

Scramble and contest competition, unequal resource allocation, and resource monopolization as determinants of population dynamics.
Adam Łomnicki — 2009(3) (
Keywords: population stability and persistence, resource monopolization, scramble and contest competition, unequal resource allocation


My Uncle Larry.
Michael L. Rosenzweig — 2009(3) (

Exploring migration and life histories.
Hugh Dingle — March, 2009 (

Animal foraging meets viruses.
Daniel E. Dykhuizen & Ing Nang Wang — March, 2009 (

I never enrolled in one of his courses.
Douglas J. Futuyma — September, 2009 (

Citations, anonymous ideas, and ecological engineering.
Lev R. Ginzburg & Scott Ferson — March, 2009 (

Lawrence B. Slobodkin, ז"ל
Robert K. Colwell & Douglas J. Futuyma — 2009(7) (;