Stickleback Behaviour & Evolution: contributions from the 7th International Conference
Edited by Andrew P. Hendry & Catherine L. Peichel

Alizarin-red-stained stickleback; photo by Catherine L. Peichel

Part I

Stickleback research: the now and the next.
Andrew P. Hendry, Catherine L. Peichel, Blake Matthews, Janette W. Boughman & Patrik Nosil — 2013(2) (
Introduction to Stickleback Behaviour & Evolution: contributions from the Seventh International Conference

Divergence in thyroid hormone levels between juveniles of marine and stream ecotypes of the threespine stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus).
Jun Kitano & Sean C. Lema — 2013(2) (
Keywords: endocrine, phenotypic correlation, physiology, stickleback, trade-offs

Pelvic girdle reduction and asymmetry in threespine stickleback from Wallace Lake, Alaska.
Emily A. Lescak, Frank A. von Hippel, Richard R. Bernhardt & Michael A. Bell — 2013(2) (
Keywords: directional asymmetry, disruptive selection, fluctuating asymmetry, frequency-dependent selection, stickleback

Female life-history traits in a species pair of threespine stickleback in Mud Lake, Alaska.
Anjali D. Karve, John A. Baker & Frank A. von Hippel — 2013(2) (
Keywords: anadromous, benthic, breeding females, clutch size, egg mass, reproductive effort, stickleback

No evidence that stickleback spines directly increase risk of predation by an invertebrate predator.
Kenyon B. Mobley, Rocio Colas Ruiz, Frank Johansson, Göran Englund & Folmer Bokma — 2013(2) (
Keywords: Aeshna, dragonfly larvae, Pungitius, morphological defence, predation, prey capture, stickleback

Sensory exploitation and indicator models may explain red pelvic spines in the brook stickleback, Culaea inconstans.
Andrew Hodgson, A. Ross Black & Ryan Hull — 2013(2) (
Keywords: brook stickleback, Culaea inconstans, prey selection, sensory bias, sensory exploitation, sexual selection

Spatial learning ability of the threespine stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus) in relation to inferred ecology and ancestry.
Peter J. Park — 2013(2) (
Keywords: cognitive map use, ecotypic variation, forebrain, genetics, hippocampus, phenotypic plasticity, telencephalon

Part II

Natural selection and the adaptive radiation of Haida Gwaii stickleback.
Thomas E. Reimchen, Carolyn Bergstrom & Patrik Nosil — 2013(3) (
Keywords: body size, Canadian Galapagos, dystrophic lakes, morphological variability, predator–prey defences, Queen Charlotte Islands, stickleback

On Irish stickleback: morphological diversification in a secondary contact zone.
Mark Ravinet, Paulo A. Prodöhl & Chris Harrod — 2013(3) (
Keywords: ecomorphological divergence, non-parallelism, parallelism, secondary contact, stickleback

Are Japanese freshwater populations of threespine stickleback derived from the Pacific Ocean lineage?
Lara M. Cassidy, Mark Ravinet, Seiichi Mori & Jun Kitano — 2013(3) (
Keywords: adaptive radiation, microsatellites, phylogeography, stickleback

The implications of pelvic reduction in threespine stickleback for long-term persistence of populations.
John A. Baker, Lauren A. Ackein, David C. Heins, Richard W. King & Susan A. Foster — 2013(3) (
Keywords: adaptive radiation, conservation, extinction, population fluctuation, stickleback

The potential additive and non-additive benefits of mate choice in the threespine stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus).
Carl Smith & Rowena Spence — 2013(3) (
Keywords: additive genetic benefit, genetic compatibility, good genes, major histocompatibility complex, mating system, non-additive genetic benefit, olfactory cues, sexual selection, teleost, stickleback

Hendry Vineyard stickleback: testing for contemporary lake-stream divergence.
Andrew P. Hendry, Aspen S. Hendry & Cedar A. Hendry — 2013(3) (
Keywords: adaptive radiation, constraint, contemporary evolution, diversification, local adaptation, natural selection, rapid evolution, stickleback

anyFish: an open-source software to generate animated fish models for behavioural studies.
Thor Veen, Spencer J. Ingley, Rongfeng Cui, Jon Simpson, Mohammad Rahmani Asl, Ji Zhang, Trisha Butkowski, Wen Li, Chelsea Hash, Jerald B. Johnson, Wei Yan & Gil G. Rosenthal — 2013(3) (
Keywords: communication, computer animation, Gasterosteus, playback, stickleback, visual signals

Part III (of 3)

Contemporary evolution, allelic recycling, and adaptive radiation of the threespine stickleback.
Michael A. Bell & Windsor E. Aguirre — 2013(4) (
Keywords: evolutionary genomics, Gasterosteus aculeatus, introgression, invasive species, parallelism, recessive allele, threespine stickleback

Regressive evolution of the pelvic complex in stickleback fishes: a study of convergent evolution.
Tom Klepaker, Kjartan Østbye & Michael A. Bell — 2013(4) (
Keywords: convergent evolution, directional asymmetry, Gasterosteidae, pelvic reduction, regressive evolution, stickleback

Can ecotypic differences in male courtship behaviour be explained by visual cues provided by female threespine stickleback?
Lily C. Hughes, Susan A. Foster & John A. Baker — 2013(4) (
Keywords: allopatric differentiation, ecological speciation, male mate choice, parallel evolution, threespine stickleback

Correlates of red throat coloration in female stickleback and their potential evolutionary significance.
Lengxob Yong, Ruqing Guo, Daniel S. Wright, Samantha A. Mears, Michele Pierotti & Jeffrey S. McKinnon — 2013(4) (
Keywords: colour, condition dependence, female ornament, Gasterosteus aculeatus, natural selection, sexual selection, threespine stickleback

Genetic and plastic contributions to trait divergence between parapatric habitats: female life-history traits in threespine stickleback within the Misty Lake system.
John A. Baker, Katja Räsänen, Jean-Sébastien Moore & Andrew P. Hendry — 2013(4) (
Keywords: ecological speciation, gene flow, parapatry, plasticity, stickleback

Testing for local adaptation in the Gasterosteus–Gyrodactylus host-parasite system.
Nellie Konijnendijk, Joost A. M. Raeymaekers, Sandra Vandeuren, Lize Jacquemin & Filip A. M. Volckaert — 2013(4) (
Keywords: Gasterosteus aculeatus, Gyrodactylus gasterostei, host–parasite interactions, local adaptation, immune competence, stickleback