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Charles Nunn & László Garamszegi
 Group size and parasitism: National Evolutionary Synthesis Center requests data

Valeria Souza, Luisa I. Falcón, James J. Elser & Luis E. Eguiarte  
Protecting a window into the ancient Earth: Towards a Precambrian Park at Cuatro Cienegas, Mexico.

Nikki Kanbara (
Production & Reproduction: The Evolution of Primate and Human Life Histories

Mike Rosenzweig (
Present & Future Threats to Journal Accessibility

Mike Rosenzweig (
Protecting Access to Scholarship: We are the Solution

Mike Rosenzweig (
Suitable for framing: An Academic’s Guide to Publishing Ethics

Mike Rosenzweig (
On taking back control of commercially published academic journals

Michael L. Rosenzweig (, Jerrold I. Davis & James H. Brown
How to Write an Influential Review

Hiroyuki Matsuda (
On the ecological effects of EXPO 2005

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