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Early Editions — with dates of posting


Testing for a whole-organism trade-off between natural and sexual selection; are the male guppies preferred by females more likely to be eaten by predators?
José Jonathas P. R. de Lira, Felipe Peréz-Jvostov, Kiyoko M. Gotanda, Sian Kou-Giesbrecht, Sarah K Pease, Marlee Jackson, Shaffiq Jersch & Andrew P. Hendry (lirajjpr@gmail.com)


On the rediscovery of Volvox perglobator (Volvocales, Chlorophyceae) and the evolution of outcrossing from self-fertilization.
Erik R. Hanschen, Dinah R. Davison, Patrick J. Ferris & Richard E. Michod (hanschen@lanl.gov)


A predator-prey foraging game in experimental aviaries: the effects of number of goldfish and refuge size.
Sundararaj Vijayan, William A Mitchell, Burt P Kotler, Michael L Rosenzweig, Jesse Balaban-Feld, Lotan Tamar Tovelem and Zvika Abramsky (zvika@bgu.ac.il)


The role of climate in the dynamics of annual plants in a Chihuahuan Desert ecosystem.
Danielle D. Ignace, Nancy Huntly & Peter Chesson (dignace@smith.edu)


The role of mortality risk in parental behaviour.
Rebecca K. Pike, John M. McNamara & Alasdair I. Houston (bex.pike@bristol.ac.uk)


The evolutionary response of virulence to host heterogeneity: a general model with application to myxomatosis in rabbits co-infected with intestinal helminths.
Morgan P. Kain, Isabella M. Cattadori & Benjamin M. Bolker (kainm@mcmaster.ca)


Does thermal physiology explain the ecological and evolutionary success of invasive species? Lessons from ladybird beetles.
Francisca Boher, Fabián M. Jaksic, Sebastián I. Martel, María J. Orellana & Francisco Bozinovic (FBozinovic@bio.puc.cl)


The influence of manipulated risk of predation on a predator-prey foraging game in a patchy environment: A. Egret and goldfish in experimental aviaries.
Sundararaj Vijayan, William A Mitchell, Burt P Kotler, Michael L Rosenzweig, Jesse Balaban-Feld, Lotan Tamar Tov-Elem & Zvika Abramsky (zvika@bgu.ac.il)


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