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Early Editions — with dates of posting


The coevolution of herbivore impact: field estimates of impact in older and newer gallmaker-Solidago interactions.
Zoryana Shibel, Stephen D. Hendrix & Stephen B. Heard (sheard@unb.ca)


Weak but parallel divergence between kōaro (Galaxias brevipinnis) from adjacent lake and stream habitats.
Travis Ingram & Stephanie M. Bennington (travis.ingram@otago.ac.nz)


Site-specific plasticity and demography determine litter-size in a population of white-footed mice.
Douglas W. Morris (douglas.morris@lakeheadu.ca)


Physiological constraints on long-term population cycles: A broad-scale view.
David M. Anderson & James F. Gillooly (daan4786@ufl.edu)


How do algae form multicellular groups?
Stefania E. Kapsetaki, Alexander Tep & Stuart A. West (stefania.kapsetaki@zoo.ox.ac.uk)


Advantage of clear over white egg mass morphs in metabolically-demanding microhabitats suggests a role of symbiotic algae in the maintenance of a polymorphism in the spotted salamander (Ambystoma maculatum).
Rebecca E. Hale, Caroline Kennedy, Danielle Winkelman & Chelsea Brown (rhale@unca.edu)


Advantages of sexual reproduction resulting from sibling diversity: effects of selection intensity, environmental variance, and reduced genetic diversity.
Makoto Douge & Yoh Iwasa (makotodouge@gmail.com)


Effects of morphology, substrate use, and potential trade-offs on locomotor performance during multiple modes of snake locomotion.
Gary W. Gerald (ggerald@nebrwesleyan.edu)


Post-dispersal seed predation in relation to selection on seed size in Dithyrea californica.
Eugenio Larios, Alberto Búrquez, Gilberto Valenzuela, Peter Chesson & D. Lawrence Venable (elariosc@iecologia.unam.mx)


Evolution of the density-response of the juvenile hormone level which controls the wing type fraction.
Takahiro Kamioka & Yoh Iwasa (t.kamioka.530@gmail.com)


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