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Early Editions — with dates of posting


Predator loss leads to reduced antipredator behaviours in Bahamas mosquitofish.
Alison E. Fowler, Doua J. Lor, Christine E. Farrell, McKenzie A. Bauman, M. Nils Peterson & R. Brian Langerhans (aefowler@umass.edu)


Communities and diversities of Bacteria and Archaea in Arctic seawater.
Jia-Pei Liu, Ying-Ping Fan, Xue-Zhu Liu & Jian-Xin Wang (jxwang@zjou.edu.cn)


Evolutionary ecology of plant resistance traits across the herbivore diet spectrum: A test in the model plant, Mimulus guttatus.
Michael C. Rotter, John J. Couture, Elizabeth M. Rothwell, Jocelyn Garcia & Liza M. Holeski (mcr268@nau.edu)


Front loading life-histories: the enduring influence of juvenile growth on age, size, and reproduction of primiparous female freshwater turtles.
Justin D. Congdon, Roy D. Nagle & Owen M. Kinney (congdon@vtc.net)


A spatial game between a predator and social prey in multiple patches.
William A. Mitchell (Wmitchell@indstate.edu)


Differences and similarities of sex ratios between dioecious angiosperms and dioicous bryophytes.
Tom J. de Jong, Heinjo J. During & Avi Shmida (tomdejong@yahoo.com)


Influence of prey food abundance on predator-prey foraging games: a test with little egrets and goldfish.
Sundararaj Vijayan, William A Mitchell, Michael L Rosenzweig, Burt P Kotler, Jesse Balaban-Feld, Lotan Tamar Tovelem & Zvika Abramsky (zvika@bgu.ac.il)


Testing for a whole-organism trade-off between natural and sexual selection; are the male guppies preferred by females more likely to be eaten by predators?
José Jonathas P. R. de Lira, Felipe Peréz-Jvostov, Kiyoko M. Gotanda, Sian Kou-Giesbrecht, Sarah K Pease, Marlee Jackson, Shaffiq Jersch & Andrew P. Hendry (lirajjpr@gmail.com)


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